miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2007

My opinion about the blogger..!

my opinion is the first part "Daliana composition".
for Daliana pirela.

My comentary its in "the dream house".
for sammy chourio.

my comentary its in "my Dream house"
for Maria jose carreo.
My opinion its in"composition and description"
for fabiola Portillo.


miércoles 1 de agosto de 2007

These are the students from P111....
Maria Fabiola Faria http://www.fabiolafg.blogspot.com/Maria jose Carreño http://www.mariajosecarreo.blogspot.com/Alberto Montiel http://www.albertomontiel15.blogspot.com/Sammy Chourio http://www.sammychourio.blogspot.com/Mario Fuenmayor http://www.antoniofuenmayor.blogspot.com/Patricia Moran http://www.patricia-moran.blogspot.com/Daliana Pirela http://www.dalianapirela.blogspot.com/Fabiola Portillo http://www.fabychiqui.blogspot.com/Walther Galue http://www.walthergalue.blogspot.com/Miguel Paz http://www.miguel1987-miguel.blogspot.com/Daniel Perea http://www.el-gocho.blogspot.com/Edgar Briceño http://www.englishman.blogspot.com/Andrea Infante http://www.andreainfante.blogspot.com/Albert Urdaneta http://www.alberturdaneta.blogspot.com/Naudys Delgado http://www.naudys-miespacio.blogspot.com/Ligni Frias http://www.lignifrias.blogspot.com/Karina Chirinos http://www.karinachirinos2007.blogspot.com/Viviana Acosta http://www.vivianaacosta.blogspot.com/Adriana Bordon http://www.adrinabordon.blogspot.com/

martes, 7 de agosto de 2007


She is my cousin marelys.
She have 28 years old.
She is wearing white skirt and a pink ling t-shirt.
She works in pdvsa.
She is accountant.
She is in front of the house.
She is very funny,smart,pretty and small.
She every days get up at six in the morning to go to the work and arrivess in the house to seven at night.
She is single and thinks married and construct one house in margarita.

martes, 24 de julio de 2007

Dream Home**

My dream House!

Living room

Master Badroom



This is my Dream house..
It`s on Cancun Mexico.This house is big and beautiful,there are five bedrooms and three bathroom.Downnstairs there is the living room,the dining room and the kitchen.

In font of the house is the pool is my favorite.

Behind the house there is a big yard with one spa,jacuzzi and The pretty beach.

My Family..

My Parent`s
my mother name is Argelia,She`s have 46 years old,she is a good mom,She`s home wife
my father name is Jesus,He´s have 50 years old,he`s excellent father,He`s Topography.
My name is patricia,I have 18 years old,and Im a person very shy and pretty,Im student.

My brother name is Jesus,He have 17 years old,he is very handsome and he`s student.
My sister name is cindy,she have 14 years old,she`s student and She is a person very happy,nice and sincere.

Day after Day..!

Simpson Family!

This is the simpson Family.

Homero is Martch`s husband,He`s wearing a white T-shirt and pant`s blue and blue sky shoes.

He have fifty years old.

He is very funny,nice and happy.

Match`s is Homero wife,she`s wearing a dress green and red shoes.

Lisa,Maggie and Bart are the childrens.

Lisa is wearing a red dress and shoes red too,maggie has pijama and bart is wearing a red T-short,blue short and blue shoes.

They`re funny,nice and pretty.

It`s spring.

They`re watching tv at six twenty o`clock.